Week 1
KKG 25
SLG  2
Week 2
DDY 18
Week 3
SLG 19
Week 4
SLG 20
Week 5
MMR 21
Week 6
OSG 13
Week 7
BPK 20
Week 8
SLG 15
RRD 16
Week 9
DDY 11
Week 10
KKG 12
Week 11
OSG 15
Week 12
BPK 17
Week 13
SLG 21
DBP 13
Week 14
MMR 17
SLG 16


Dark Days Ahead?

Dark Days Ahead?

Box Score:

Teams  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  Final
Sluggers (2-3)  2  0  1  1  1  1  1  7
Martyrs (3-2)  6  2  1  1  8  3  -  21



Sluggers Notables: Daryl Clancy (2-4, triple, HR, 2 RBIs, RS); Philip Robinson (2-3, double, HR, RBI, 3 RS); Junichiro Aoki (3-4, double, RBI, RS).

Full Stats

scoreboardMARLAY PARK, DUBLIN -- With Ian Priestley well and truly out of the country, and all-star Lisa Lyness sidelined with a neck injury, the Sluggers were hoping to at least be competitive against the new-look 2-2 Marlay Martyrs. But right now, things don't look nearly as rosy as they did just last week, when the Sluggers rolled over the Dublin Bay Packers for their second win in a row.

"I look at their [Martyrs] lineup and I wonder how in the heck they're 2-2," said Sluggers P John Edwards. "A lot of talent. They could take a run at the top this year."

We need to get the right people used to playing in the right places on the field and in the order. And I need to hit better. That's not such a long list, is it?

-- Sluggers P John Edwards

The Martyrs have lost veteran players Melanie and Colum Lavery to the Oddsox Greens, but they've also benefitted from the breakup of the Marlay Mayhem team from 2013. Familar faces who have played in the same club for several years now, the Martyrs are certainly a more cohesive group with a more singular focus - on winning games - than they have been in past seasons.

Contrast that with the Sluggers: "in transition" in week 5 would be simplifying things a bit, as that would imply there's a plan or roadmap to follow. Unfortunately, very little is decided as players are shuffled around the field and the batting order. Big hitters Junichiro Aoki (at leadoff) and Darryl Clancy (at #3) were moved up in the batting order, giving them both more opportunities to bat; unfortunately, with John Edwards at #5 in the order, he was unable to make the best of his position at the plate, looking sluggish and weakly grounding out, going a rare 0-4.

Got Porkroll?In the field, two outfielders - Darryl Clancy at SS and Ciara Schotsman at 2B - suddenly had a lot more to think about, as they were tested by the Marlay hitters, who were peppering the outfield with line-drives that exceeded the expectations of both Junichiro Aoki and Michiyo Hogan, who were each caught creeping in as the ball sailed overhead.

The returning Philip Robinson fared somewhat more positively, hitting a double and a homerun, and crossing the plate three times for the Sluggers. But like the rest of the Sluggers defense, a little bit of rust showed on return throws into the infield, missing the cutoff completely on one occasion, allowing the Martyrs runners to advance unabated - and drawing the ire of Aoki in left field, who let loose a barrage of admonishment; fortunately for Robinson, he doesn't speak Japanese, though the message was fairly clear to all: the Sluggers need to "sharpen the saw".

"They hit well, they're very strong, and we made a lot of mistakes... and they really didn't make too many," said Edwards after the game. "We've got a lot of thinking to do, how we're going to go from here with the personnel we have. We need to get the right people used to playing in the right places on the field and in the order. And I need to hit better. That's not such a long list, is it?"

The Sluggers will have that opportunity to right the ship and improve their outlook, as the June bank holiday brings an off-week and a chance to hit the training pitch for fielding drills. The Sluggers next game is against the powerful Oddsox Green at Tymon Park on 10 June.