Week 1
KKG 25
SLG  2
Week 2
DDY 18
Week 3
SLG 19
Week 4
SLG 20
Week 5
MMR 21
Week 6
OSG 13
Week 7
BPK 20
Week 8
SLG 15
RRD 16
Week 9
DDY 11
Week 10
KKG 12
Week 11
OSG 15
Week 12
BPK 17
Week 13
SLG 21
DBP 13
Week 14
MMR 17
SLG 16


Close, But No Cigar

Box Score:

Teams  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  Final
Dynamoes (6-3)  0  0  4  0  1  1  5  11
Sluggers (2-7)  0  0  0  0  4  0  0  4



CASTLEKNOCK COLLEGE, DUBLIN -- Sluggers C John Edwards' single in the bottom of the 5th - and subsequent 3-bases-worth of errors by the Dynamoes - was the spark the Sluggers needed to fight back into the game.

Kate Greenwood

Kate Underwood,
Sally's sister.

With the speedy Victoriano Dominguez on first, third base coach Junichiro Aoki pushed him toward home on a John Edwards single up the middle. The throw to the plate was slightly off-line, and with Dominguez safe at home, Edwards advanced to second. Dynamoes SS Frank Geoghegan collided with the sliding Edwards on the throw to 2nd, sending the ball into right field as Edwards popped up off the ground to advance to third.

Victoriano gambled and won, and I gambled and won. That doesn't happen often against the Dynamoes...

-- Sluggers C John Edwards

As the ball made it's way back into the infield to the Dynamoes' pitcher John Austin, Edwards found himself - somewhat reluctantly - advancing to home. Now with the ball in hand, Austin pursued Edwards to get the out, but the slightest of hesitation and an elevated throw meant Edwards was able to safely slide in headfirst to home.

Edwards was running so hard, he broke his shoe - again. Already repaired once with electrical tape, now the heel section of his left shoe broke apart.

"We needed something," said Edwards. "Victoriano gambled and won, and I gambled and won. That doesn't happen often against the Dynamoes, but we needed some luck if we were gonna have a chance."

Unfortunately, the Sluggers' luck ran out as the Dynamoes woke up again in the 7th inning, making efficient use of their ability to judge and pick their pitches to get runners on base and bring them home. 

Edwards' broken shoe

John Edwards clearly
needs more tape.

Sluggers P Mike Shea had kept the Dynamoes' batters on the back foot until he reached his pitch count in the 7th inning, and Sluggers captain Michiyo Hogan decided to make a change for relief knuckleballer John Edwards. With two outs already on the books, it only took one pitch, which started in the middle of the plate but fell away and down out of the zone, to catch Dynamoes power hitter SS Frank Geoghegan off guard as he committed early and stepped across the plate to make contact for the final out of the inning.

But it was too late for the Sluggers to create a response to the Dynamoes' late charge. 

It was a much more competitive game than the Sluggers' first encounter with the Dynamoes in week 2, which saw them beaten 4-18 in a very one-sided game. Refusing to let the Dynamoes run away with the score this time - and just as importantly, with the Dynamoes failing to take complete control - the Sluggers kept within striking distance until the final inning, when the Dynamoes closed the door for their sixth win of the season with 5 of 14 games remaining.

The Sluggers next opponent is Kiely's Kegs at Wanderers' FC on Merrion Road, 8 July at 7pm, where they will try to make amends for the 25-2 pasting the Kegs applied in week 1.