Week 1
KKG 25
SLG  2
Week 2
DDY 18
Week 3
SLG 19
Week 4
SLG 20
Week 5
MMR 21
Week 6
OSG 13
Week 7
BPK 20
Week 8
SLG 15
RRD 16
Week 9
DDY 11
Week 10
KKG 12
Week 11
OSG 15
Week 12
BPK 17
Week 13
SLG 21
DBP 13
Week 14
MMR 17
SLG 16


A New Beginning

A New Era Begins

DUBLIN -- The Sluggers' time in the Premier division of the Leinster League has come to an end, at least for 2015.

Unable to field a full team for the playoff against the Division 1 runners-up Blazzers, the Sluggers have forfeited and a walkover victory has been awarded to the Blazzers, promoting the Blazzers into the Premier division, and relegating the Sluggers to Division 1, for the 2015 season.

We have extremely talented players, just not enough for a full team. I mean, one person cannot be two!

-- Sluggers player John Edwards

The Sluggers have been in the Premier division since 2006, but unfortunately have never been able to finish higher than 5th in the 8-team division. While showing flashes of brilliance and occasionally beating contenders for the league championship, the Sluggers were unable to remain competitive in 2014.

Sluggers results, 2010-2014"We have extremely talented players," said Sluggers player John Edwards, "just not enough for a full team. I mean, one person cannot be two! We've got to get a full team for next year, and do more than just show up for games."

Exactly how they will go about that is yet to be seen. The Sluggers are facing a crisis in terms of personnel, unable to account for an attrition rate that is high even by Sluggers standards. Maintaining a viable team in the Premier division for 2015 would not be possible with roughly half the numbers required. The Sluggers only survived 2014 by repeatedly enlisting the help of available Bearcats players, and certainly would not have survived another season of having to insert Bearcat and Wildcat substitutes (players from the other two teams in the Castleknock club structure) every week. Recruiting and retaining new players for the Premier division is easier said than done, as evidenced by the lack of long-termers at the club throughout the Sluggers history.

Now that the Bearcats have been relegated to Division 2, there may be an even greater shake-up on the cards.

If there are plans for a wholesale reorganization of the Sluggers, which involves players from all Castleknock teams, this will undoubtedly give pause for thought for the entire league. The Castleknock Bearcats, normally a strong Division 1 team, underachieved in 2014 and are destined for Division 2. But that may not sit well with many Bearcat players, who may wish to improve during the offseason and prove themselves able to compete in Division 1. 

Couple this with a Wildcats team that is motivated, constantly improving and hoping to challenge in Division 1 on their own, and there may be scope for a distribution of players across the three teams for Divisions 1 and 2, depending on where individual players wish to play, or are able to play, through scheduling conflicts (for example, being unable to play on either Monday or Wednesday nights), on positional depths of each respective team, or on players' own personal desired level of competitiveness.

The only certainties from the Sluggers' decision to forfeit this game and play in Division 1: the Blazzers will be facing tough competition in the Premier division for the first time since 2011; and the Sluggers will be looking at improving their team dynamic and rebounding in Division 1 for 2015, aiming for a Division 1 crown, and getting back to the Premier division for 2016.