Week 1
KKG 25
SLG  2
Week 2
DDY 18
Week 3
SLG 19
Week 4
SLG 20
Week 5
MMR 21
Week 6
OSG 13
Week 7
BPK 20
Week 8
SLG 15
RRD 16
Week 9
DDY 11
Week 10
KKG 12
Week 11
OSG 15
Week 12
BPK 17
Week 13
SLG 21
DBP 13
Week 14
MMR 17
SLG 16

Playoff Relegation Match

Playoff Relegation Match!

13:00 Saturday, 18 Sep

Marlay SO7 1 0 0 1 4 1 0 7
Sluggers 0 4 0 0 1 5 X 10

1.       Jun (LF)
2.       Ciara (RF)
3.       Ian (SS)
4.       Sinead (3B)
5.       Nobu (C)
6.       Michiyo (CLF)
7.       Wouter (1B)
8.       Erika (2B)
9.       Naoki (P)
10.   Kuniaki (CRF)


Coin toss was won and I (Michiyo) picked our home game.

I definitely believed our victory from start to end, but when we got easy 3 outs in one, two, three in the order at our first bat, bottom of the 1st inning, I have to admit that I’ve got a real bad feeling..! hahaha

However, after having fielded super well at top of 2nd (we were 1 behind), we had 4 consecutive hits from the batting order 4th started by Sinead and followed by Nobu, Mich and Wouter, and scored 4! Well done Kuni  for the timely hit from 2 outs and brought Wouter home.

We had no run scores at 3rd and 4th and earned only one run score at 5th inning (earned by Kuni and Ian – well done), however, the opponent scored 4 at the 5th inning and they turned over the game again! At the bottom of 6th we were 2 behind, started from batting order 5th, and we had 4 clean hits (Nobu, Mich, Naoki and Kuni) and we  caught the opponent again, 7-7 and we still had 2 runners on bases, then Jun - who wasn’t quite Jun until this very special moment (LOL) finally did it in the end. 3 run-homerun to over centre right field!! And we added another 3 run scores there, 5 run scores in total. Have to mention, well done to Naoki and Kuni as they hit after 2 outs – if either of them didn’t, we couldn’t have caught them and there wouldn’t have been Jun’s 3 run-homerun. And the result could have been totally different!!

Everyone fielded very well, yes everybody!  A couple of highlights I would like to mention would be, great pitching by Naoki who got a couple of Ks on this game and no walk if I’m not mistaken, a great catch from Erika for deep fly ball over 2ndbase which wasn’t easy and also great catch from Ciara at 2 outs with 2 runners on bases  which was very tense moment for us when the opponent tried to extend their lead!! And finally having got the runner out between 1B and 2B – great reaction by Wouter on 1B – he spotted the batter was in the fair ground while ball was still alive and ran after him and Ian got him out in the end. We saw great team work by Ian and Wouter.

There were a couple of tense moment and allowed a couple of run scores to the opponent where we shouldn’t have at the 5th inning but overall, we’ve done a superb job.

Wining ball was caught by Nobu. Well done Nobu and thanks!!